Cover Types, Sheet Colors, and Album Formats

NOTE: Depending on the theme and the predominant colors in your photos, we offer you a choice between white, peach, and black tones of paper/sheets in the photo album. We have adjusted the number of sheets in the photo album to your wishes based on many years of work and experience. 23×17 cm and 23×23 cm photo albums come standard with 20 to 23 sheets, and we also offer you a choice of up to a maximum of 30 sheets. All other formats from our range come standard with 23 or 50 sheets up to a maximum of 60 sheets. In the gallery below, you can find a gallery of all types and designs of photo album covers, and we believe that you will choose something from your wide range according to your wishes.

Sheet colors within the photo album:

Photo album formats: 23×23, 32×32, 29×34, 35×35, 33×41, 33×44, 33×48 Landscape photo album type formats: 23×17, 41×33